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  • This week, a question from a listener around making photos "that have more meaning and heart" inspires a discussion around narrative and determining what we as makers are trying to say with our work versus what we want—or need—an audience to take away from it. We also touch on editing (not post processing) as a skill that often gets minimized or even overlooked in the picture making process. Plus, sometimes, you need to prepare for anything, including the valet wrecking your car 15 minutes before a shoot. Evelyn Bencicova is out Photographer of the Week.
  • This week, your hosts talk about some stuff they're doing, loving Spotify, some Echo podcast-listening tips, the attraction of Google Drive, some thoughts on backup strategies, getting swole, the joys of rock tumbler ownership, scary times in Austin, weird iMac problems, some more thoughts on backup strategies, Merlin's obsession with drumming videos, and yet more Apple TV foibles.
  • Mike Essl, Dean at Cooper Union School of Art in New York, is Jeffrey Zeldman's guest. Topics: The designer as hobbyist. "I was an expert witness for the Associated Press." Design is a machine. Working in a comic book store. The Cooper Union coincidences. Web design in 1995 versus today. New York design versus San Francisco design. Systems making versus picture making. Kind of Bloop.
  • Jeff and Christian welcome Britt Brombacher from What's Good Games to the show this week to discuss a TON of news, including Super Smash Bros Switch, The Division 2, Fortnite mobile, Valve making games again, Days Gone delayed, and no much more! The Playlist: Kingdom Come Deliverance, Super One More Jump, War Tile, Super Mario 3D Land special levels, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon VR Talk: Moss, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, Sprint Vector, The Wizards Parting Gifts!
  • John and Dan discuss rock road ice cream, knee braces, so-called "Lebowski Sweaters", fitness, and pain. John talks about his life hat, how he walks, and makes a startling admission.
  • This week Tommy and Adam discuss the Android P announcement and fake chatbots. Next week we're talking to a chatbot creator and expert, so don't miss it! Questions/recommendations? Visit!
  • This week Tommy and Adam discuss a number of different technology news stories in a particular news-heavy week. The common thread? A lot of them seem to deal with human behavioral contradictions. Questions/recommendations? Visit!
  • This week, your hosts talk about using Windows, technology modalities, making sane decisions as a developer, reality TV, 20th anniversary of The Dude, Merlin's new fondness for Spotify, analyzing takes on the HomePod, options for high-quality in smart speakers, dealing with recurring financial (and psychological) eels, competitive heat in the smart home ecosystem, Canadians, and the name of Scotland Yard. They also answer a listener question about feeling overwhelmed by content options.
  • This week, we're talking about context and meaning in the work we create using Sally Mann's new show at the National Gallery as background. Within the discussion, we address changing creative directions, the relationship between process and outcome and, despite repetition how sometimes taking a dramatic creative leap comes down to timing. Also, advice on creativity, courtesy of famed portrait and landscape photographer Nadav Kander. Elsa Dorfman is our Photographer of the Week.
  • Jeff and Christian welcome Stewart Nacht from CAGcast to the show this week to discuss the ESRB's approach to loot boxes, the Switch's one year anniversary, VR going to eSports, and more! The Playlist: Sea of Thieves, South Park, Into the Breach, Way of the Passive Fist, Injustice 2, Assassin's Creed Origins VR Talk: Moss, Brass Tactics Parting Gifts! BONUS CONTENT: Kelly Wallick discusses the IGF and Indie Megabooth
  • Logan McDonald joins Britt to discuss upgrading Kickstarter's main applications to Rails 5. They discuss the steps they took and lessons learned from the upgrade. If you're still riding Rails 4, this episode is definitely for you.
  • This week Joe and Cody discuss Mobile World Congress, GeForce Now, Apple high-end headphone rumors, 2018 iPhone rumors, and much more.
  • David Sleight, Design Director at ProPublica, is Jeffrey Zeldman's guest. ProPublica is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces "investigative journalism with moral force." David is a web designer, creative director, and leader at the intersection of publishing and digital technology. Topics include: Stop blaming the algorithm. Design ethics. Stories as products. How the role of the story affects art direction. Our medium needs design that is faster and design that is slower. The renaissance of The Washington Post. How reporting creates products. Can reporters be part of the Resistance?
  • We consider the news that BMW's i3 will revert to metal in its next iteration. A question of business models engages much of our conversation, from optimized cars designed for transportation as a service to dynamic routes, pricing and arrival options. Dyson's rumored auto ambitions divert our attention. We close by musing on the utility of big data and the evolution of transportation.
  • Seth and Dan talk about mob debts, Helmut Sinn, why blue is best, missing case backs, the fate of Baselworld, and yet another giveaway.
  • Haddie and Dan talk about shark bites, turmeric, Zelda Breath of the Wild, and recommend some great TV shows for those unsure what to watch next. TV Show List Coming Soon!
  • This week, Dan and Merlin talk about weather as a thing and giving up on Cash's dumb iPad problem. This leads to discussion about the risks, opportunities, and frustrations of having lots of data in different places (probably). The main topic this week is an exploration of TickTick. Neat app. They also almost talk about Black Panther.
  • This week, we're talking about planning purchases — specifically, how do you determine what gear you want, versus what you need? Also, a recent gallery show inspires a discussion around editioning work and the value (or potential caveat) of arbitrary editions in a digital world. Plus, a new social media platform is gaining ground, but is it the new Instagram? Finally, a bit of gear talk musing over the latest offerings from Fuji and Sony. Isabel Magowan is our Photographer of the Week.
  • Jeff and Christian welcome The Completionist, Jirard Khalil, to the show this week to discuss the DICE awards, Burnout Paradise remaster, the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie, and more! The Playlist: Secret of Mana, Monster Hunter World, Florence, Metal Gear Survive, Celeste, Legendary Gary, Alto's Odyssey Quick Questions Parting Gifts! BONUS CONTENT: Jeff Interviews Chris Alderson and Tam Armstrong about Moss
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