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  • This week, what happens when you decide to get off of the hamster wheel of social media and rely on your own website? Are you leaving money on the table or controlling your brand? Also, getting out of your comfort zone via the great American road trip. Plus, finding meaning in what you do beyond just what you make and share. Vanessa Winship is our Photographer of the Week.
  • Discussed: trust my method, beards, foo bar baz, casting Mysterio, villains of Peter Spiderman, an unpaid debt to Dan, medieval electric billing, endorsing Evil Genius and Belief, the power of Spotify podcasts via Alexa, more on Apple TV and voice commands, the pain of scrubbing, 4k HDR via Movies Anywhere, a question on soundbars, Hulu's awesome new "Live Guide" (finally!), a word on TV remote usability, eero's new "Labs," updates to Spark, a new light therapy lamp, and some suggestions on getting a FitBit.
  • Jeff and Christian welcome Rob Davis and Louis Sanchez from Sony Santa Monica to the show this week to talk about level design in God of War. Plus, The RAGE 2 trailer, Call of Duty Black Ops 4's strange reveal, new game delays, No Man's Sky multiplayer, and more! The Playlist: God of War, Dreams, Darksiders Parting Gifts!
  • John talks frankly about his noodles.
  • Whitson Gordon joins Tommy and Adam for an old-school Lifehacker-style podcast to discuss tips, tricks, downloads, and tools for doing things better.
  • Discussed: lame patents, Salvador Dalí, allergy season, backpack discrimination, friend cosplay, things Dan can't say, AT&T woes, Merlin saw a bear, a YouTube rabbit hole, and some excellent historical Disney content. Dan and Merlin answer a listen's questions about sleep tracking and leveraging Alexa at the office.
  • This week, a pre-show discussion about Tom Petty and crafting the perfect pop song leads into our sense memories around specific film stocks. It sounds strange, but there's a throughline there if you give it a chance. Also, is Instagram just one big performance art piece? Plus, a listener question prompts a discussion around objective vs subjective challenges and moving the needle. Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger are our Photographers of the Week.
  • Jeff and Christian welcome Marissa Roberto from Heads Up Daily TV to the show this week to discuss Walmart Canada's potential E3 leaks, Nintendo's Switch Online service, the death of the Virtual Console, and more! The Playlist: Fortnite x Thanos, Far Cry 5, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Jurassic Park Genesis; X-Men 2: Clone Wars, The Sword of Ditto Quick Questions Parting Gifts! BONUS CONTENT: Jeff interviews Sam Robinson, level designer on The Sword of Ditto
  • This week Tommy and Adam speak with immersive experience creator Spencer Williams about what it takes to elevate film, theater, video games, and more beyond a simply interactive experience. Also, the big news coming out of Google I/O this week and Adam's thoughts on the Oculus Go.
  • Tommy talks about his new laptop, and he and Adam discuss a few casual news stories of the week—including some confusing aspects of everyone's favorite too-good-to-be-true deal: MoviePass.
  • John and Dan discuss the unauthorized database of John Roderick's life.
  • This week, we talk about refining the scope of personal projects so that they can be more productive and less of just a time suck—sometimes, you just need to tweak the brief. Also, what happens when a portrait is not a portrait but is still manages to capture the essence of a person? Plus, does your love for photography wax and wane, or is it constant? Jim Krantz is our Photographer of the Week.
  • Discussed: time flies, nesting dolls, cloud saves for Switch, oy vey the service subscriptions, wheat and chess boards, WiFi and health, abdomen cinchers, more Netflix recommendations, the hollow face illusion, Marked 2 update, and a couple more recommendations. Dan and Merlin answer a listener's question about balancing work momentum and "down time."
  • Jeff and Christian welcome Kahlief Adams from Spawn on Me back to the show this week to discuss the new Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer, Ikaruga coming to Switch, new Beyond Good & Evil 2 footage, and more! The Playlist: God of War, Fortnight Season 4, Korg Gadget for Switch, Zen Pinball VR Talk: Beat Saber Quick Questions Parting Gifts!
  • John discusses his methods for staying hydrated.
  • This week Joe and Cody discuss Twitter, Cody's new Apple Watch, Apple Airports, and much more.
  • Tarun Kajeepeta joins us to discuss Condor Mobility, his subscription model startup and the mobility market. Horace, Tarun and Jim dive into auto-ecosystem complexity, customer experiences, on boarding, channels, bundling and market opportunities.
  • Discussed: places that are closed, dinosaur eyes that follow you, a TV show about makeup, some thoughts on Infinity War, the joy of content that really nails the medium, more on B2W shirts, Merlin hates everything, eminent domain, Dan has questions about Venom, Merlin recommends Uncanny X-Force (Remender & Opeña), and Rob Liefeld's pouch life. Your hosts also answer listener questions about finding a mentor and knowing if it's time to move on from a job.
  • This week, we discuss the potential value of critiques in a social media landscape where the conversation around the work is often not a conversation at all. Also, a terrific NYT article begins a conversation around a veteran using photography as therapy and as a way to document the lives of other service men and women. Plus, we tackle a few #askOTP questions. Hideki Fujii is our Photographer of the Week.
  • Jeff and Christian welcome Brandon Winfrey back to the show this week to discuss the Shadow of Tomb Raider reveal, the state of indie development, Nintendo's one game E3 plan, and more! The Playlist: Assassin's Creed: Origins, God of War, Nintendo LABO, For the King, Breath of the Wild, Heroes of the Storm Tabletop Time: Cosmic Encounters, Star Wars Legion, World Championship Russian Roulette, Muse Quick Questions Parting Gifts!
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