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  • The true scale of match-fixing, racism and violence in European football has been revealed in new statistical research due to be released on Tuesday.
  • Holidaymakers have been warned to watch their words after two British friends were refused entry to the US on security grounds after a tweet. Before his trip, Leigh Van Bryan wrote that he was going to "destroy America".
  • So-called 'smart meters' are under renewed attack – this time from MPs and Which? magazine, which has recommended a halt to the programme.
  • White-hat hackers have exposed the privacy shortcomings of smart meter technology. The researchers said German firm Discovergy apparently allowed information gathered by its smart meters to travel over an insecure link to its servers. The information – which could be intercepted – apparently could be interpreted to reveal not only whether or not users happened to be at home and consuming electricity at the time but even what film they were watching, based on the fingerprint of power usage.
  • The White House covered up an Alice in Wonderland-themed Halloween party staged by film director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp for fear of creating the wrong impression during a recession, a new book on the Obamas has claimed.
  • Some countries' failure to pay into a UN disaster relief fund is leaving the world "dangerously unprepared" for future crises, Andrew Mitchell says.
  • EU members who use the euro have agreed to a tax and budget pact to tackle the eurozone's debt crisis. But a German and French attempt to get all 27 EU states to back changes to the union's treaties was dropped after objections from the UK.
  • Lack of manual flying experience contributed to the crash of a fully functional commercial airliner two years ago, killing all 228 people aboard.
  • A man from Northern Ireland has been jailed after an experiment in which he attempted to turn his own faeces into gold went wrong and started a fire in a block of flats.
  • The sinister Guy Fawkes mask made famous by the film V for Vendetta has become an emblem for anti-establishment protest groups. Who's behind them?
  • Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin has admitted dumping government documents in park bins near No 10. He was photographed by the Daily Mirror disposing of private letters and government papers over five days.
  • Buzzing around the Internet is this truly epic fail as covered by Malcolm Coles: the Daily Mail accidentally published their pre-written and ready to go ‘Amanda Knox is guilty’ story just minutes before the actual verdict came out.
  • Reposting this short audio play as a nod to Rick Santorum's Google problem...
  • Former U.S. Sen. and Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has a well-known Google problem. For the uninitiated, if you Google Santorum's name, the first result you'll probably get is not his personal website but a fake definition of "santorum," a sexual byproduct that's a bit too graphic to talk about in detail here. (Of course, you can Google him and easily find out.)
  • President Bush, in his first address to Congress Tuesday, will assert his budget plan effectively eliminates national debt over the next decade...
  • Support the No Agenda show by getting your hands on the hardback limited edition of One Day in Gitmo Nation, available only for the last 111 days of 2011. Inside the back cover is a special link that takes you to a free download copy of the novel. It's the ideal Christmas present for the conspiracy theorist in your life!
  • Household energy bills will rise by more than £300 a year as a result of the Coalition’s green policies, a senior Downing Street adviser has told David Cameron.
  • Scientists in the US have warned Nasa that the amount of so-called space junk orbiting Earth is at tipping point. A report by the National Research Council says the debris could cause fatal leaks in spaceships or destroy valuable satellites. It calls for international regulations to limit the junk and more research into the possible use of launching large magnetic nets or giant umbrellas.
  • A woman who attacked a cash machine in Wiltshire with a high-heeled stiletto, is being sought by police.
  • French actor Gerard Depardieu has been removed from a flight bound for Dublin. The 62-year-old, star of Cyrano de Bergerac and Green Card, was on a flight from Paris when he urinated in front of fellow passengers.
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