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  • Attached is a clip of Obama speaking about Egypt and around 3:04 is the best quote I have heard in a while from the president where he is telling Egypt to do the opposite of what he and the rest of congress does... right...
  • Unions are in full force over this bill but it looks like some congressmen want to send a message that they will not allow Obama to just appoint who he wants. The unions don't mention that the bill will allow local offices to keep operating and would only affect a small percentage of cases which are already going before the Supreme Court.
  • Interesting article about how the mindset of the democrats has changed and decent analysis of how the campaigns show the general direction of the future.
  • Some people want to see Texas leave the union and others want to see Jerry Jones go... Obama might have fun sneaking a drone in for the attack though...
  • Not sure why this article ran now unless we see some uptick in drone strikes and this is to make it seem like they care to come up with rules but either way a few interesting things. The article makes it seem like there is a battle going on over who is worthy of a strike and when is it legal? Perhaps at least making sure you know who you are shooting would be a good start? Best part is the last section that says this book is sooooo secret that it is hand delivered... except this report knows about it...
  • I love how this lady feels it is okay to have a class only for black kids instead of doing what she thinks she is doing and having all classes/events for all kids...
  • Page 8 is on diversity with some interesting references that appear to be bad things to say.
  • You have to admit that having lawyers take banking 101 for a job they make 6 figures for is funny but no one said anything about all the treasury lawyers moving over to this nice paying gig...
  • This just in ET is just as important as any other news media... glad to see that they feel celebrity over substance is important to the presidency...
  • Adam called it when he said that field hockey was the best sport well at least for hottest athletes on this list. And his favorite team had a member take number 1.
  • The republicans are pulling out the attached case as a basis for why they would win a court dispute so I took a look at the case. The case contained is different as it was OIG vs Executive branch but the point made would carry over. If Congress could prove to a judge there was misconduct then they could win since the court ruled "For example, where there is reason to believe the documents sought may shed light on government misconduct, “the privilege is routinely denied,” on the grounds that shielding internal government deliberations in this context does not serve “the public's interest in honest, effective government.” Don't know about anyone else but having a governement allow guns to just walk does not serve my interest in a honest, effective government.
  • Some interesting parts of this Guardian article that talks a bit about the histroy behind the syrup, some of the food industry influence and the issue overall.
  • A very long article that looks at the reality of how politics are hurting the people etc... and some interesting figures on unemployed etc... As the article says something needs to be done and it pretty much does not matter who is in power since the banks will have to pick up some of the mess.
  • It is PBS but still there are some good points and it is interesting how the church is such a big part of the government thread.
  • The most entertaining thing in this article is that LA has 5 people in the code enforcement office... my town has half that and a fraction of the population. The article states that banks pay taxes but as far as I have seen legally Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, which own a huge chunk of the homes, is exempt per federal law.
  • It is a really long article but it details how the Bush administration started the program to put malware into Iran to slow its "nuclear weapons program". At the very least the Bush administration did not seem certain that there was a nuclear weapon desire but felt they could stockpile material for a rainy day so to speak. At the very least it seems to have given Israel a focus for their concern but still they saw the irony of doing such a thing and what will they say if another country decides to take a similar approach to the US?
  • The clip is of course an interview about a book but there is some interesting information in it such as the meeting with Obama and Wright where Obama says that Wright's problem is that he has to tell the truth.
  • Clear attempt to play down the president's opnion poll low numbers etc... but man how much do they pay these idiots for their useless fluff they call analysis?
  • Bet you won't see this on the news. I was looking for the documents for the recent frisk lawsuit and came across this decision to place an injunction in regards to NDAA. A step in the right direction for sure.
  • I doubt the mainstream media will not pick up on this but it appears that even on the Democrat side of the fence it isn't all green with roses. The question here that will also be if they republicans refuse to seat the Ron Paul delegates, is will the public be up in arms that their votes are being ignored?
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