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  • Germany takes part in global economic protests.
  • A coalition of progressive organizations are launching a virtual march on big banks to "Occupy the Boardroom" in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The groups created a website, , that will gather stories from Americans who have been foreclosed upon or had to file for bankruptcy. Occupy the Boardroom will then print out those stories and deliver them to the executives at the huge banks that played such a big role in the financial crisis that has hurt so many Americans. Today is the biggest action yet -- the #OccupyWallStreet Global Day of Action. Today the 99% are joining together to stand up to Wall Street and the 1% who control it. In a world where the 1% prospers obscenely while the rest of us fall behind, we are demanding accountability for their crimes and telling them exactly how their actions have affected our lives. Click here to OccupyTheBoardRoom and join in the Global Day of Action online. Despite our growing strength, the Wall Street CEOs and their cronies who crashed our economy still act like they can ignore us. So we're aiming our voices directly at the people who caused this global crisis by filling up their inboxes with stories of how their recklessness affected our lives. Last year (2009), Jamie Dimon CEO of JPMorganChase, received $17.5 million in pay--not bad, especially considering that his company took $100.7 billion in taxpayer bailouts and that since then JPMorganChase has made a profit of $29.1 billion (2009-'10). Since 2009, JPMorganChase has spent tens of millions of dollars in lobbying Congress and in campaign "contributions." At the same time Chase has foreclosed on thousands of families ($74 billion worth of foreclosed homes). Millions at the top, homeless shelters at the bottom. That's how the 1% plays the game. Click here to Occupy the Boardroom by sharing your 99%er story with the Executives at Chase and other big banks. But OccupyWallStreet has allowed us to stand up and point out, loudly and powerfully, how the greed of the 1% has trumped the need of the 99%. So while hundreds of thousands of people around the world take action in the streets, we are joining in by virtually Occupying the Board Rooms and filling up the inboxes of the 1% with the stories of the 99%. Click here to deliver your truth to the inbox of the Executives at Chase and other big banks. This is our moment. Seize it. The media isn't listening to the stories of the 99 percent, but we can make them listen by joining our voices together and speaking the truth. If enough of us speak often enough and loudly enough, they'll have to listen. Organizations that have already signed up in support of the Occupy the Boardroom action are: NY Communities for Change, Alliance for a Greater New York, Venice for Change, Colorado Progressive Coalition, Blue America, Alliance for a Just Society, Adriel Nation, Rainforest Action Network, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, the Other 98%, Oregon Action, Jobs With Justice, Job Party, Idaho Community Action Network, Down with Tyranny!, Crooks and Liars, Citizen Action of New York, the Main Street Alliance, the New Bottom Line, Organization United for Reform, Student Labor Action Project, Washington Community Action Network, United NY, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, Strong Economy for All, Vocal New York, and New York Working Families.
  • Tom Moreno of Rage Against The Machine now performing at OccupyLA
  • OccupyLA is growing. But the unions are dominating the PA system.
  • Testing from android.
  • Heading down to #OccupyLA this afternoon. #bootsOnTheGround
  • First post on my OccupyWeb RSS feed
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